About World of Handmade Gifts

Hello and welcome to the World of Handmade Gifts.
We are a brand-new website attempting to raise money for charity by promoting the work of talented Artisans from 47 US States, and 40 International Countries.
Charities we support in the US & UK include:
• The Salvation Army
• American Red Cross
• Fisher House (Supporting families of injured soldiers)
• Save the Children
• Children in Need
• Guide Dogs of America
• Feeding America
• Make A Wish Foundation
• Great Ormond Street Hospital
• Samaritans

About World of Handmade Gifts




...Where there's a will, there's a way...

We are a small group of people from the US & UK who found each other by way of personal tragedies related to the pandemic. It didn’t take long before we realized we all had something in common… a desire to help our fellow man, woman & child.
We each had experience in fundraising in one capacity or another, but how could we raise money for charity together while living on separate sides of the pond? As the old adage goes, ‘Where there’s a will, there’s a way’ So, we decided on building a website.
None of us had any web building experience, so it really was a case of learning as we went. Please accept our apologies if the site isn’t perfect, but don’t hesitate to contact us if you notice anything out of the ordinary, or to offer any suggestions. For now, the site is working progress.


Promoting New Artisans

We realized that the best way to raise money was to create a site that promoted Individual artisans, and small businesses from all over the US, UK, and beyond. This would then help raise awareness of new talented Artisans, many of which evolved because of the pandemic.
The easiest way for us to start this project was to become Amazon Affiliates. This means until our site becomes known, any purchases will be redirected through Amazon. So, at present, all payments and deliveries are handled through Amazon.
We don’t take any payments on our site, nor any donations. Below, you will find details of the charities we support, and by pressing the appropriate link, you can make a small donation direct).
We raise funds by earning small commissions each time you make a purchase via our site. 

Promoting New Artisans

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Helping Someone in Need Should be the New Pandemic


Helping Someone in Need Should be the New Pandemic

Of course, you could visit Amazon directly, and save a few seconds. Before you do, please remember this, when you buy via World of Handmade Gifts, you’re helping someone in need. Would you rather it help people, or become profit for Amazon?
When you consider you’re paying the same price buying through us, would you not feel a sense of joy that your purchase has made a difference to someone’s life, no matter how small?
Furthermore, as Amazon affiliates, we can offer you incentives from time to time, something you won’t get buying direct. So, not only are you paying the same, you may get it cheaper on occasion. All handmade offers will be available on our “Last Minute Offers” page. Any non-handmade offers will be available via our Facebook page.
In the meantime, we thank you in advance for your support and hope you share with your friends & family what we are trying to achieve here.
Stay safe and well, and God Bless.


  1. Where can I get more details about the charities you support?
  2. Please click on the relevant charity, and you will be redirected to their homepage. Salvation Army, Save the Children, American Red Cross, Fisher House Foundation, Guide Dogs of America, Feeding America.       

  1. I don’t want to buy a unique handcrafted product, but I’m happy to make a small donation. How do I do that?
  2. Click on the “About Us” page and you will see a list of the charities, and donate buttons for each. Click on the appropriate button, and you will be redirected straight to the donate page of that charity.

  1. Do you accept donations on your websites?
  2. No. We don’t accept any donations or any form of payment on our sites. We provide links that will take you directly to the appropriate charity to make your donation.

  1. Does World of Handmade Gifts sell anything?
  2. No. Our purpose as an affiliate is merely to promote the work of Artisans from all over the US and beyond. All sales & shipping are handled directly by Amazon, the Artisan, or small business.

  1. I make handmade products, but I don’t sell on Amazon. Can I still promote my work on the World of Handmade Gifts website?
  2. Yes. Firstly, please email us at, promote@worldofhandmade.com providing details & images of your work, and a member of the team will reply. Our commission for promoting your work worldwide is 10%, which helps support people in need. 

  1. Why does your site show availability, but it’s out of stock on Amazon?
  2. The software we use only synchronizes with Amazon once every 24hrs. If someone buys the last item on Amazon before our system synchs, then it will show as available on our site. I hope that makes sense.

  1. I already sell on Amazon. How do I get my business & products promoted via your Artisan/Blog Page?
  2. If you would like your business featured, then just email promote@worldofhandmade.com  including any photos you want to be used, with a business logo/banner and a short bio.
  1. Is this website legit?
  2. Yes. World of Handmade Gifts (wohgifts) is 100% genuine. If any part of this site appears anything other than genuine, it’s because we have/are building this site with no former training. We are literally learning as we go. Feedback and suggestions are always welcome. Please feel free to contact us.  
  1. Why do most of the products have spammy titles and descriptions?
  2. The products are imported directly from the source, bringing the original title and description with it. With over 3400 products now listed, and more being added weekly, it takes time to go through each product individually. Our goal is to change the title and description of every product making it appear less spammy, and easier to navigate.

Charities we support!

If you’d like to make a donation directly, then please click the appropriate link below, and you’ll be redirected to the donate page of each charity. Thank you for your support. Every cent can make a difference.

Please show your support by clicking like, and follow us on Facebook. Thank You.